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What do you do when you have been fired or laid off?

Listen to my podcast for the keys on for taking back control. Also, my latest entry lists New Jobs, New Careers that are potentially protected from outsourcing.

What Does the “Global Economy” Mean for You?
Anyone who retains the fantasy of having one career rather than five “should consider careers that are protected from competition at a distance by permanently high transaction costs.” A hair stylist, for example, is a safer bet than being an auto worker. Read More...

Globalization and Technology Lead to Uncertainty in the Job Market
Things have changed in the job market. Things continue to change. And the rate of change is quickening. Unless you’re aware and prepare, these changes can catch you by surprise and be devastating to you. That’s why I wrote Fallback Position. I’d seen too many people laid off or fired unexpectedly and being unprepared were devastated emotionally and financially. Does that sound familiar? Read More...

It's a Matter of Survival.

When push comes to shove, when it's a matter of survival, the friend who hired or supervises you will think of his or her career, reputation, and the organization before thinking of you. If any of those are perceived by the boss to be better off by cutting you loose, by whatever euphemism, then you're toast. That's a reality in today's volatile work environment. And that's why everyone needs to know how to prepare so they prosper through change.

Worried about being laid off?
Learn about how to prepare for being fired or laid off.

Lost your job? Now what?
Learn the 3 keys to taking control, and first steps to take both financially and personally.

Protect Yourself and Your Family!
Unless you own your company, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! The days of 50 years on the job and a gold watch are long gone. How many jobs will you have over the course of your career? How many have you already had?!

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Everyone needs to have a Fallback Position.
John Arnold will tell you how--if you have been fired, or how to protect yourself in your next job.

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