Fallback-Position - Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a Fallback Position
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Fallback Position is the “Plan B” guidebook for executives, managers, and any employee who can be fired at a moment’s notice by an employer with the potential to be completely unfair, unreasonable and inconsiderate. It is required reading for anyone who can be down-sized, right-sized, re-organized, re-invented, re-engineered or outsourced without warning by bosses who are not thinking of you.

Learn How to Negotiate your Exit Package

Thanks to Fallback Position, you will know that the time to negotiate your exit package is not when you're told to pack up your office and be out in 30 minutes. The time for that is when you are the fair-haired child being courted for the position. This is the kind of “in-advance, be-prepared” thinking that keeps you in the driver's seat with your job and career. In addition to learning exactly what to do if the axe falls, you also will achieve a deep peace of mind that helps you work better, putting you in the best position to be the last person let go when downsizing hits or the company goes belly up.

Benefit from John's 30 Years of Experience

John Arnold’s breezy style makes Fallback Position interesting and engaging. However, the light touch doesn’t in any way dilute the sheer power of the information and exercises that pack these pages. John Arnold's 30 years in the public and private sector have provided him with the experience to know the ropes and not get tangled in them. His native wit and intelligence give him the ability to catalog what he learned and communicate it clearly so everyone who doesn't own their company—and their families—can benefit.

In today’s volatile work environment, this is the book that can calm the sea of uncertainty and help every employee sleep better at night knowing they are ready for whatever happens in the morning. It really is true:

Everyone needs a Fallback Position!

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