Fallback-Position - Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a Fallback Position
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Have you been fired or laid off? Ouch.

But, youíre in good company. Millions have been, and more will be. Itís a wildly-changing job world out there. Unless you have the 3 Keys to Taking Control in advance of job loss, it can be devastating to you and your family. Get Prepared. Read the excerpt on the 3 Keys. Then buy the book and Take Control.

The 3 Keys to Taking Control and the other advice in the book, FALLBACK POSITION, fully titled, Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a FALLBACK POSITION, Preparing a Contingency Plan for the Worst Case Scenario, will help you and your family survive and in fact prosper as things continue to change.

It doesnít matter if your CEO made mistakes and flew your company into the ground, it doesnít matter whether his bonus was tied to cost-cutting, so he sold your job to India, and it doesnít matter if the cause of the problem was that your companyís chief competitor was Halliburton, things have changed in the job world and your job is at risk. You must be prepared.

In fact, if youíre prepared it will give you a good feeling to know youíve prepared for your family. It might even make you a better employee and help you be the last tossed off the lifeboat.

B uyers of the book are eligible for a newsletter with updates occurring weekly about whatís new in the job world, where the jobs are, what kind they are, where job loss is occurring, and new angles on interviewing, negotiating, and getting the job offer.

Also buyers are eligible to ask a question by email and if itís a good or new question weíll answer it and with your permission post it, not necessarily attributed to you, but if you like, doing so might help you get a job.

Having the Contingency Plan--that is a Fallback Position--will give you a good feeling that youíve protected yourself and your family as well as you could in these wildly changing times in the job market.

Arnold is also available for consultation, coaching, negotiation tips, and personal advice. Email or call him and use his knowledge and experience.

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