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People who worry about being fired or laid off need to be prepared for it.

Are you worried about being fired or laid off? If you work in any of the 5 industries undergoing what the economists call “creative deconstruction,” you probably should be. Those economists say that 75% of those who have jobs now are at risk of job loss because the 5 industries undergoing this “creative deconstruction”--or down-sizing, outsourcing, and off-shoring is a large part of the economy. Those industries are Airlines, Communications, Finance, Manufacturing of Electronics, and Technology. That’s a lot of jobs.

Others say that this creative deconstruction can affect anyone who works in an office. Over the next decade it’s projected that another 14 million jobs will move offshore.

Have you seen the warning signs for layoff around you? Are new employees coming in at key positions? Are they younger than those who are there? Is there a change in mission, a change in vision, a major change in approach to the key business? More personally, are they not talking to you? Not including you in meetings you used to go to?

Those can be key bellwethers of major change that will affect you and perhaps everyone. Read the excerpt from the 3 Keys to Taking Control and then buy the book, FALLBACK POSITION, fully titled, Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a FALLBACK POSITION, Preparing a Contingency Plan for the Worst Case Scenario, and get prepared. Having a fallback position will remove the worry you’re experiencing now.

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Also buyers are eligible to ask a question by email and if it’s a good or new question we’ll answer it and with your permission post it, not necessarily attributed to you, but if you like, doing so might help you get a job.

Having the Contingency Plan--that is a Fallback Position--will give you a good feeling that you’ve protected yourself and your family as well as you could in these wildly changing times in the job market.

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