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John E. Arnold discusses business and economic trends, uncertainty in the global economy, how to survive in the 21st Century workplace.

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Book Summary: The days of 50 years on the job and a gold watch are long gone. John E. Arnold summarizes his book Fallback Position and explains the keys how you can survive in the 21st century workplace.

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New Jobs, New Careers: After losing a job, your natural reaction is to quickly get a job with a similar company in the same field. John talks about jobs and careers that are growing, and potentially protected from outsourcing.

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John E. Arnold is the author of Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a FALLBACK POSITION, Preparing a Contingency Plan for the Worst Case Scenario. Buy it today and get prepared.

Order a copy of Arnold’s book and get access to one of the leading career advisors in the country. Arnold also offers private consultation and advice on specific situations. Contact him by email at John@JohnEArnold.com.

Having the Contingency Plan that is a Fallback Position will give you a good feeling that you’ve protected yourself and your family as well as you could in these wildly changing times in the job market.

Arnold is also available for consultation, coaching, negotiation tips, and personal advice. Email or call him and use his knowledge and experience.