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Bio Statement

I am a personal consultant. I write books, give speeches, and coach on prospering in today's volatile workplace so people have the most valued skills and are the last to be tossed off the lifeboat.

I address situations like using synergy techniques I call “Syzygy” to get more out of your team, or creating a fallback position when hard times or stupid bosses do you out of a job. I even demonstrate how to survive windfalls and other financial surprises of life such as winning the lottery.

I come to these from over thirty years of leading organizations of from 75 to 1300 employees, having won awards for excellence, creativity, training, and innovation. My organizations have won many more awards from their peers.

I sell on my websites www.johnearnold.com and www.fallback-position.com electronic copies of:

1. 10 Commandments of Customer Service Slide Show: $19.95
2. Arnold and Roberts’ Rules for Successful Job Interviews: 9.95
3. Syzygy, the Synergy of Working Together for Mutual Success Slide Show: $19.95
4. Tips for the Job Interview: $4.95
5. Windfall! How Americans Like You Are Getting Rich, How You Can Too, and What to Do When You Do. $12.95

Profiling, Predicting, and Preventing Workplace Violence Slide Show: Free if you buy two of the others.

Articles on the website:

Question and Answer about Job Loss, I, II, III, IV, V Each about 750 words

Financing the Transition, 50-1000 words.

Will You Outlive Your Money? 1000 words and two charts.