Fallback-Position - Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a Fallback Position
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  • 9 million people are currently unemployed
  • 575,000 have been fired since January
  • 75 % of those Employed are from industries undergoing ‘creative deconstruction’
  • No one is immune. Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a Fallback Position.

The days of 40 years and a gold watch are gone. The CEO today is not the captain of the ship who puts you in the lifeboat and then goes down with the ship. There are no lifeboats in today’s business culture. You need to prepare your own lifeboat.

FALLBACK POSITION, PREPARING A CONTINGENCY PLAN FOR THE WORST CASE SCENARIO, a new book by John E. Arnold, provides personal and career tools for those who are in line to be fired. He recognizes that being fired has the impact of “a little death,” and those fired go through the grief stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Depression until they get to Acceptance.

The people who hire you are your friends, but that’s not who lets you go. “Negotiate with your friends,” Arnold suggests. “Negotiate your out on the way in.”

The information in this book helps you prepare for being terminated so you

  • Understand your priorities
  • Know your financial situation
  • Can negotiate from knowledge
  • Can take action to control your future

Having a fallback position keeps being fired from devastating you and your family.

The hardback is 6”x 9”, 208 pages, 13 illustrations, $19.95, Biblio Distribution.

For ordering information contact Exurba Publishing, LLC toll-free at 1-866-385-1700 or info@exurba.com.

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