Fallback-Position - Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a Fallback Position
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Arnold is a successful and compelling public speaker, praised by audiences as the “most credible public official they have ever met”. Previous speaking topics include:

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Profiling, Predicting, and Preventing Workplace Violence

As a result of writing Fallback Position, John Arnold was asked to speak to a national conference on Profiling, Predicting, and Preventing Workplace Violence, so he researched the latest in the subject and has become an expert on the subject, presenting at several other venues since.  The program involves these elements:

  • 12 Early Warning Signs of Workplace Violence
  • 10 Risk Factors
  • 20 Common Characteristics of Workforce Violence Perpetrators
  • Top 6 Warning Signs
  • 5 Security Measures to Take
  • 5 Ways to Resolve Conflict
  • The 3 Types of Discipline
  • 5 Steps to Discipline Without Punishment
  • 8 Abilities to Judge Performance
  • 8 Types of Anger that Lead to Conflict
  • 4 Key Trends in Human Resources
  • 7 Steps to Fair and Sensitive Treatment
  • 10 Steps to Proper Termination               
  • 3 Keys to a Successful Termination Meeting

There have been 18 killings a year in workplaces since 1980.  The key to workplace violence is a feeling of being wronged by the organization--usually by the way the employee is fired.

Fallback Position

Its a useful book for anyone who doesn’t own their own company.  When signing it at the Book Expo Fair in Los Angeles in June, it got terrific reviews for being timely.

Why not?  In the world of work today, 2.5 million people have been laid off the past two years—575,000 since January.  9 million are currently out of work.  Of those who still have jobs, 75% are in industries undergoing what’s called “creative deconstruction,” outsourcing jobs, replacing with technology, and sending jobs overseas to India, China, Mexico.  Those industries are Airline-related, Communications, Finance, Manufacturing of Electronics, and Technology. 

Workers in all those areas are at risk.

Government workers likewise are undergoing creative deconstruction.  The economy, tax cuts, terrorism--all reduced the revenues of cities, counties, and states.  Layoffs abound.

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What the Future Holds? Four Possible Futures

Arnold presents potential future scenarios as part of a visioning exercise. Watch an excerpt of this presentation here or with slides here.

10 Commandments of Customer Service

Arnold presents the 10 Commandments of Customer Service in a speech or seminar for nonprofits and governmental entities, as well as private, for-profits. See example slides here.

Making Tolls Work

Many states and cities are considering financing by toll roads because the federal money is drying up and states are having trouble raising the gas taxes and general fund revenues that normally paid for roads and highways.

Arnold started and led the E-470 Public Highway Authority in metro Denver to a financed and constructed first segment of roadway in just 6 years, when most projects of that size average 14 years. He got Union Bank of Switzerland to proffer a $68 million Letter of Credit to get the project off the ground. It was the first toll road in this country designed around Electronic, non-stop toll collection. Travelers buy an ExpressPass and can drive through toll booths at highway speed and have tolls collected at exit ramps without stopping while the toll deducted from their account. The project won the Creative Finance Award from the Federal Highway Administration, a Save the Eagles Award from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and an economic development award from the Southwest Denver Economic Development Organization.

Hes an expert in the design, finance, and construction of toll roads and has been asked to speak hundreds of times on the subject. The slide show is a generic slide show on toll roads.